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7 Ideas for Using Digital Signage in Shopping Malls

This article will provide the most effective ways to use mall signage to attract and engage shoppers.
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What is your preferred mall? How frequently (maybe weekly) do you go shopping? Why do you go to that place? Is it the selection of shops, or the many different restaurants? Or maybe it's the mall's atmosphere and ease of accessibility. You may have gotten carried away by the mall's flashy, alluring digital displays in shop windows, walls, and entrance gates. More often than not, you like a combination of different things.

The truth is that shopping malls' branding and marketing methods have been very effective up to the advent of a new generation that views the world through a digital lens fr om birth. They can't be bothered unless it's digital.

Shopping centers are always brainstorming new ways to attract and amuse millennials. Subsequently, modernizing the mall's signage is an important goal. The current goal of shopping centers is to provide an immersive experience for customers by fusing traditional with digital mall signage. Luckily, with an easy-to-use yet reliable digital signage software such as LOOK DS, managing shopping mall screens couldn't get any easier.

This article will provide the most effective ways to use mall signage to attract and engage shoppers.

1. Provide wayfinding that is both useful and accessible

Several monitors may be seen dotted throughout the retail center, each displaying an interactive map. After using it, you find yourself much more disoriented than before. The digital signage at a shopping mall should be easy to use and helpful. As such, it is also a component of brand building. Brand integrity is jeopardized by poor and unnoticed signage. Luckily, interactive wayfinding digital displays are working correctly and can guide visitors from point A to point B quickly and easily.

2. Consider infotainment

Rather than just presenting facts, try entertaining your audience with some of your findings. What if your shopping center had digital signage wh ere people could play free games? The mall has become a social hub for today's youth, who go there to meet up with friends or do window shopping. They'll never forget their first time playing a free game of crosswords, Sudoku, a racing game, or a fighting game on an interactive billboard in the mall.

Additionally, sometimes malls may play relaxing ambient music. Your data display may double as a music or karaoke machine. Digital mall signage may display an abundance of informative and entertaining material. Include things like viral videos from YouTube, humorous quotes and jokes, up-to-date sports coverage, and interesting facts so that everyone from history buffs to star quarterbacks will enjoy spending time in your mall.

3. Boost your social media presence

Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote a mall's brand. Public displays of one's social media profiles, such as Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, are possible thanks to digital social media walls. However, asking for user-generated material in a fun and non-threatening way might provide positive results. Why? It is because considerate and non-disruptive advertising efforts are the key to success in shopping malls.

Shopping mall interior - Pexels

4. Broadcast safety precautions

Your job is to ensure the security of all mall patrons. Customers risk injury from abrupt movements if a shop or part of it is under development. They may avoid the region entirely if you warn them.

Digital billboards in shopping centers are a great place to disseminate information like safety tips and time-sensitive alerts to the public. Not all problems can be put off until later. Your shopping center's screens may be instantly updated with the latest safety information with the help of mall signage software. Using predefined themes, you can show safety exits, areas to avoid and what to do and what not to do in an emergency.

5. Play stunning videos

Sure, videos are insignificant. Most people do them. However, what about the breathtakingly high-quality footage? Has it been added to the menu? It only happens sometimes. Malls sometimes overlook the displays as an afterthought since they don't need much maintenance. Indeed, you're making a bad choice there. A well-made, visually appealing video may work wonders. Don't be left behind.

6. Live feeds

Digital mall signs may provide real-time weather, traffic and air quality index updates. The increased diversity of material helps maintain interest. It's easy to lose track of time while shopping. People can see current weather and traffic conditions thanks to digital signs, which may help them remember important appointments and get there on time.
Large screens and video walls in shopping centers sometimes show live broadcasts of prominent sporting events and musical performances. Many retail centers employ this tactic to get customers to come inside. Visitors to your retail center may be sports fanatics looking for a place to watch games with other fans. They'll pick up a pizza from your food court or a yoga mat from your fitness shop before you know it.

7. Reviews

Put the positive feedback you've received on your Google My Business page on display at the mall. You may use it to prove that your shopping center offers the best possible services. You should respond to reviews, emphasize conversations above the review panel, call attention to how many people agree with a particular positive feedback and promote kindness.
Don't merely pass along the compliments. Also include the criticisms and complaints that have been made. Demonstrate how the mall management responded to the criticisms and dealt with the situation responsibly and openly. It may do wonders for your company's image and credibility.

Digital signage can be a powerful tool for shopping malls to create an engaging and interactive shopping experience for their customers. From providing useful information to creating a visually appealing atmosphere, digital signage can help bring shopping malls to the next level. With the right tools, shopping malls will surely benefit from the potential of digital signage.

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